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get rid of spider mites
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How To Get Rid of Spider Mites

The spider mite is a destructive pest that attacks over 180 different ornamental plants and agricultural crops outdoors, in fruit orchards and greenhouses. Spider mites are about the size of a period –  but the damage they cause can be heartbreaking, especially in medical or recreational marijuana plants where each plant can be worth a lot of money!

The spider mite feeds by piercing a single plant cell at a time and sucking the sap. This can leave telltale early traces like tiny brown or  white sunken spots or distorted leaf growth.  Some species produce fine webbing around the leaves they’re feeding on and near the tops of the plants where humidity is lower.

Spider mites feed more in high temperatures and low humidity while at the same time causing the females to lay more eggs!

Hot marijuana greenhouses are perfect environments for spider mites!

Spider mite predators

Spider mite predators are beneficial insects that will consume about 5 to 10 adult spider mites or up to 20 eggs daily. They feed on spider mites and will reproduce faster than the spider mites can.

As soon as you notice any kind of problem – do not wait to address it! Getting an early start is a key aspect in spider mite eradication.

Release 3 to 5 spider mite predators per square foot if starting early. We recommend persimilis for quick, aggressive action against spider mites.

Monitor infested plants with a hand magnifying glass and re-apply within 14 days if infestation is still present. Washing infested plants and using insecticidal soap while waiting for your Spider Mite Predators to arrive is very helpful.

phytoseilus persimilis agressive spider mite predators

Check below for the species that best help your situation. Requires overnight shipping as these guys need to eat! (But you want them quickly anyway – right?)

General Introduction Rates: 5 persimilis per 10 ft2 (m2) or 20 persimilis per infested leaf, weekly, as needed. Apply predators to each infested plant. These come in a bottle with corn grit (so they can live until you get them). Depending on the severity of the infestation, simply sprinkle the same amount on each plant and watch closely. This is a numbers game – you want to overwhelm the spider mites with predators!

Phytoseiulus persimilis (pur sim ill us)  

Use persimilis  for aggressive, instant attack on a spider mite infestation. These little guys only feed on spider mites and their eggs. As long as there is food – they will find it and destroy it. When the spider mites are gone the persimilis will die off.

Neoseiulus fallacis (fa lay see us)

Use fallacis more for control. Although they will attack spider mites and eggs, they can also stay alive by feeding on other things. Slightly less aggressive than persimilis.

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Both persimilis and fallacis are shipped as live adults. We ship them once a week usually on Tuesday and they must be shipped overnight to make sure they get to you as live adults!  So even though you are paying for overnight shipping – no matter when you order – your spider mite predators will usually arrive on Wednesday!

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