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The Answer? Beneficial Insects! Spider Mite Predators.

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Get Rid of Spider Mites

Spider Mites can destroy a commercial (or private) marijuana crop, vegetable garden or fruit crop very quickly.

These little guys are incredibly fast breeders, amazingly destructive for their size and hard to kill.

So what is the best way to get rid of spider mites on our cannabis plants or other garden crop?

(And remember – we really want to be as natural as possible. No pesticides on my fruits, vegetables or pot plants please!)

get rid of spider mites

We have several different insects that love to eat and get rid of spider mite infestations.

Choose persimilis for immediate, aggressive action.

Choose fallacis for a little less aggressiveness, but better preventative.

Or choose a combination for both aggressive and preventative and get a great discount!

All natural, aggressive, beneficial insects love to eat spider mites!

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Option #1. persimilis – most aggressive, only eats spider mites and will die when they are all gone.   Learn More!

Option #2. fallacis – less aggressive, can live on mold for a while, good preventative! Learn More!

Option #3. persimilis and fallacis together – Get both aggressiveness and preventative packaged together with a big discount!  Learn More!